Identity Exploration—2017

A brand identity for Bucco and its annual Bucco Fest, a fictional festival that celebrates the coconut tree as the Tree of Life. Bucco Fest is a vehicle for celebrating one’s culture through the culinary, medicinal and practical uses of the coconut tree.

Artists, vendors, culinary establishments and coconut ambassadors can sell and promote their products through their individual booths.

The identity uses both contemporary abstractions and scientific illustrations of the coconut. While its color scheme is inspired by the street festivals that commonly take place in the Philippines.

Process PDF

Word maps and free-association are good place to get my ideas down.
At this stage of the process all ideas are welcome.

I started with the places I grew
up in and that led me to coconuts. From there, I started another word map that expanded the overall concept of the festival.

Inspiration comes from the street festivals that we have in the Philippines. A fiesta is often colorful and lively. I wanted to have that same feeling for the brand.

The coconut tree is one of the main crops of Philippine agriculture. Making the country the world’s largest producer of coconuts and coconut related products.