Exhibition Identity—2019

Creative and Art Direction: Zoey Gassner & Mark Buenafe
Web Design:  Tom Lim & Janice Salikin
Exhibition & Editorial Layout:  Triet Dang & Cooper Kao
Tote Design: Alex Kinoshita
Designers: Edgar Caswell, Michael Edgar, Alexis Elazegui, Shruti Gunda, Denise Kan, Rebecca Kao, Sally Khomikh, Sophia Kwon, Jacueline Lau, Grace Lee, Julie Lee, Ivan Lou, Ian Moeser, Amy Nguyen, & Elvin Qin.

Command G (the keyboard shortcut for GROUP), is representative of this year’s Graphic Design graduating class. The exhibition showcases our individual ideas and practices, coming together in conversation with the evolving field of design. This collective exploration proves no effort is made alone, and all work is informed by one another and our greater community. The graphic design class of 2019 finds strength in working collaboratively. The authentic, spirited connection that has been formed will forever impact our education and careers moving forward.

Collaborative identity created for the CCA Graphic Design Senior Show, in the spring of 2019. Each designer created a pattern and chose a color and a “graphic scrap” (design they have created but never used) that are used as modular design components.